ISO Certification for Electrical & Electronics

Need of Third Party Inspection for ISO Certification

Third Party Inspection services help minimize defective products, reduce customer complaints and ensure compliance with the regulatory and statutory requirement. Independent inspection services protect your business interests, help you manage your risk, and ensure quality products are manufactured and delivered to their final destination at the specifications of the customer.

Role of AQC for ISO Electrical & Electronics Certification

AQC experts can help you with a variety of challenges in Electrical and Electronics equipment including Alternators, power transformers, Current Transformers, HT Switchgear, Motor Control Centers, HT & LT Motors, Diesel Generators, Cables, AC/ DC Distribution boards Lighting Fixtures, Flameproof / Increased Safety Electrical Equipment etc. Third Party Inspection of Instruments including Distributed Digital Control System Pneumatic & Electronic Transmitter/ Transducers, Receiver Instruments, control & Safety Valves, Programmable/ Solid State Logic system, Gas and Liquid Analyzer Including Chromatography, Primary Instruments, Instrument Fittings & Accessories

AQC offers fast, expert and efficient product testing and inspection services through our extensive global network of accredited laboratories. We conduct electrical safety testing to ANSI/UL, CSA, NFPA, IEC, EN and other standards, EMC testing to local or global requirements, benchmarking and performance testing for R&D or competitive differentiation, environmental compliance to ENERGY STAR®, ROHS, or ERP Directive (formerly EUP) requirements.

WHY AQC best for ISO Certification

AQC is one of the world's leading providers of import control and inspection services. AQC provides trade facilitation services across the globe through its international expertise combined with local service where you need it.