Quality Policy

AQC Quality Policy laid down by its top Management is as under

Assurance Quality Certification LLC is committed to provide an independent, impartial and competent management system certification of Quality, Environmental, Food Safety & Occupational Health & Safety Management System, Information Security Management System, Information Technology Management System, MDQMS, FSSC, EnMS and other standards as required to all its clients in a manner that is most competitive and adds value to its client’s products and services to the ultimate customer’s satisfaction and the Accreditation Board requirements. AQC shall create an environment where each employee contributes to all aspects of our business process and shall strive for continual improvement to meet with customer Satisfaction by having a strong feedback system from clients, auditors and certification staff.

Quality will be the focus of all activities and shall strive towards meeting and exceeding customer expectations and achieve continual improvement by setting quality objectives in all spheres of activities.

AQC ensures that it understand the Importance of Impartiality in carrying out its Management System Certification Activities, Manage conflict of Interest and ensure the objectivity of its management system certification activities.

Impartiality Policy

Impartiality Policy of the AQC define that Top Management of AQC understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its management system certification activities, manages conflict of interest and ensures the objectivity of its management system certification activities.

AQC having the Impartiality policy as

1. AQC (including its staff, auditors, subcontractors and Franchisee Partners) shall not participate in the designing, implementation or maintenance (including Internal Audit) of the management systems of its Certification customers and shall not have been engaged in such activities in the two years prior to the client’s receipt of AQC Certification services.

2. AQC embark on responsibility to inculcate confidence in the delivery of its Certification services to customers and parties that have an interest in Certification. This shall be achieved by upholding the principles of impartiality (including taking action against threats, i.e. from self-interest, self-review, familiarity, intimidation), competence, responsibility, openness, confidentiality and responsiveness to complaints.

3. In the management of impartiality, AQC recognises the possibilities for conflicts of interests arising from relationships of those persons or organisations having an interface with AQC. This includes staff, sub- contractors and agents. AQC undertakes to complete a thorough assessment of the risks and the residual risks to impartiality and to determine the action to be taken to eliminate or minimise those risks. The risk assessment process will be on-going and will be maintained over all operations, services of AQC and associated Management Review process.

4. AQC Certifications is committed to provide and maintain a high quality, professional and impartial serviceas agreed for certifying clients’ management systems which meets the requirements of all the relevant international, national and or other standards and or regulation normative documents and specifications as required by the accreditation authorities.

5. The top management of AQC has the ultimate authority and responsibility to ensure the effective operation of AQC management system by ensuring the appropriate resources are available and deployed.

6. All personnel involved in the Certification operations are committed to understanding this policy, complying with the principles and documentation and maintaining continued competence.